Report server auto startup/shutdown

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Date: Thu, 05 Aug 1999 14:30:19 GMT
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I am running Developer 6.0 server on Solaris 2.x. I want to configure a report server for auto startup/shutdown. I can startup the server OK, but can't find documentation that describes the shutdown procedure.

In fact, documentation is woefully lacking all-around. For example, the reference manual states that rwmts60 (the server process) should not be invoked directly, but rather via rwcli60. But rwcli60 has no such options to startup or shutdown a server!

Yet I believe the mechanisms exist to automate shutdown...for example, the Report Queue Manager has the capability to shut down the server interactively. But the queue manager runs remotely (on Windows) and I need a local solution.

E-mail responses, please...thanks in advance.


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