Re: Problem with ORA Forms & Web

From: Anders Rasmussen <>
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 1999 15:31:40 +0200
Message-ID: <1ngq3.324$>


[Quoted] try this :

<param name="serverArgs" value="module=logowanie userid=marek/marek_at_server">

Just as you would do on the commandline (eg. dos/win)


Daniel Lisiecki wrote in message ...
>I have Ora WebAppServer 3.0.1 running on WinNT. And I try to deploy forms
>the web. I won't see a login window when I run WWW browser. In
>stands, that I must configure a form cartridge or use connect string in my
>index.html page:
><p><!-- applet definition (start) -->
><applet code="oracle.forms.uiClient.v1_4.engine.Main"
>align="baseline" width="20" height="20"
><param name="serverPort"
> value="5555">
><param name="serverArgs"
> value="module=logowanie">
><param name="serverApp"
> value="default">
>But it didn't work. A logon window appears anytime I run browser.
>Please! Somebody help me!
>Thanks for any answer!
>Daniel Lisiecki, Poznań, Poland
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