H.E.L.P. with JDBC driver

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Date: Thu, 05 Aug 1999 09:31:04 -0400
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[Quoted] Hi Java and Oracle jedi's,

[Quoted] Below is an JDBC driver. I have already initiated it with the user and [Quoted] password field. Below at (_at_lambdael:1521:itchy) I need to substitute the [Quoted] url and machine fields. I jave oracle 8 installed on my personal computer which is running on my windows workstation NT. I'm not connected to a server. Any suggestions on what I should substitute to get a connection to my database?


[Quoted] //Make sure you set the classpath pointing to the folder of your classes111.zip
//as well as the classpath where your classes are saved. //set CLASSPATH=C:\Program Files\Oracle\AppBuilder 1.0\jdbc\lib\Classes111.zip;c:\ndesjard\java

import java.sql.Connection; 
import java.sql.DriverManager; 
import java.sql.SQLException; 


* The SimpleConnection class is a command line application 
* that accepts the following command line:
* java SimpleConnection DRIVER URL UID PASSWORD
* If the URL fits the specified driver, it will then load the driver and
get a connection

class SimpleConnection {
[Quoted]   public static void main(String args[]){

    Connection connection = null;     

    // Process the command line
    if (args.length != 4) {

       System.out.println("Syntax: java SimpleConnection " + "DRIVER URL UID PASSWORD");

[Quoted]     try{ //load the driver "oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver"


    catch(Exception e){

       //System.out.println("Failed to load Oracle driver");


    try { //"jdbc:oracle:thin:_at_lambdael:1521:itchy", "cta", "student" );    // connection =
DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:oracle:thin:_at_lambdael:1521:itchy", "cta", "student" );

[Quoted]       connection = DriverManager.getConnection(args[1], args[2], args[3]);

      System.out.println("Connection Successful");

      //Do whatever queries or updates here
      //Statement stmt = conn.createStatement (); 
      //ResultSet rset = stmt.executeQuery ("select * from course");


    catch(SQLException e) {


    finally {

       try {
       catch(SQLException e) {


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