Re: dev 2000 and object library

From: Brian Membrey <>
Date: Thu, 05 Aug 1999 09:05:40 GMT
Message-ID: <01bedf20$14bc8800$553486cb_at_default>

My understanding (albeit a bit limited) is that you have to drag the object into a form (probably a new form is easiest), make whatever changes, then drag it back into the object library.

Be warned though - I have had consistent GPF errors if the object contains a lot of "sub objects" eg if you include a block with a number of fields as an object, I would recommend dropping the object from the library before dragging back (ie allow the drag to creat a new object rather than replace the existing one)

I also suspect object libraries are a bit flaky all round and I would strongly recommend saving on a regular basis while you modify them!

Andrea Colzi <> wrote in article <7o9j6g$qjg$>...
> If I subclass an object stored in an object library, I shoud inerith all
> changes I make in the object library. But how can I modify the objects
> stored in the object library??
> andrea
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