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Date: Thu, 05 Aug 1999 08:21:45 GMT
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create table new_table as select distinct ACCOUNT_NUM, BRANCH_ID, PTYPE from bcis_mf_monthly;

However it will take only the first occurence in the set of duplicates (I think)

You might consider a constraint which can be easlily made with

create unique index idxname on bcis_mf_monthly (CCOUNT_NUM, BRANCH_ID,PTYPE); This will ensure no more such duplicates come in.

You will then see an error message where in your application these are being created and you can fix this there...

I don't understand exactly if you say:
CCOUNT_NUM, BRANCH_ID,PTYPE make each field unique then your query did not necessarily show this.

In the belwo query you should replace
with CCOUNT_NUM, BRANCH_ID,PTYPE as far as I understand.

  select count(*) total, hh_household_id from bcis_mf_monthly   having count(hh_household_id) > 1
  group by hh_household_id;

Good luck!

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