Re: Java v. PL/SQL Stored Procedures

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Date: Thu, 05 Aug 1999 06:54:54 GMT
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> We are in the process of evaluating Oracle 8i Java stored procedures.
> We performed some preliminary tests (simple class based on the
> that queries a table of 50,000+ rows). Basic timings indicate that
> PL/SQL stored procedure is still almost twice as fast as the Java
> procedure.
> I would like to transition to the Java stored procedures (it
> beats PL/SQL in terms of open-standards), but we cannot justify it if
> the performance is half of that of PL/SQL.

Java stored procedures are definetly something to be looking at, There has been mention of a native compiler try find out about that. Also depending on your application environment, The network may be the bottleneck, in which case the java would not be that bad.

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