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Date: Thu, 05 Aug 1999 04:55:41 GMT
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In article <BPEp3.22$>, (Steve Cosner) wrote:
> Maybe it is the "DESC" column. That is a reserved word in an order-by
> clause, so it may cause a problem. Try pressing Shift-F1 (or
> pull-down Help --> Display Error) to see the actual database error
> message.
> Steve Cosner
> In article <7o74e7$797$>,
> Andrea Colzi <> wrote:
> >I get the frm-41337 error on a populate_list command. The code I use
> >
> >rg_id := Create_Group_FROM_QUERY( 'AA',
> > 'select ID_NAG, DESC from mx_nag');
> >errcode := Populate_Group( rg_id );
> >POPULATE_LIST('nag_id_nag',rg_id);
> >
> >Both the columns are varchar2 and the query works fine. What's wrong?
> >And the only way to fill a list item with db data is with a group
created at
> >runtime?
> >
> >andrea
> >
> >
> >
> i had similar problems...and what i figured out, for the version of
developer i was using was that the second element had to be a numeric your case, DESC. i am not sure whether this is still a limitation in newer versions of forms or not. but nevertheless, try this thing out.

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