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Date: Thu, 05 Aug 1999 01:22:06 GMT
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[Quoted] Hi there,

[Quoted] I am running Oracle 8.051 on Solaris 2.6. It looks like I got a very serious error: ORA-03113 end-of-file on communication channel

It happened when I tried to execute any PL/SQL procedure I created. After I enter: 'execute ....', it just hang for a minute then give me the ORA-03113 message. I tried restart the database, listener and even the Solaris machine but it still did not work.

In the alert_log file it shows:
Errors in file /u/oracle/805/rdbms/log/mysid_ora_1373.trc: ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [pfrtra()+24] [SIGSEGV] [Address not mapped to object] [0] [] []

Then I check mysid_ora_1373.trc, it shows me the same message like the alert_log file.

Please Help!! Thanks!


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