Re: How to store 'time' values?? Date field?

From: DanHW <>
Date: 03 Aug 1999 05:07:43 GMT
Message-ID: <>

In a similar situation where users entered dates and times, where the time was almost always 5:00pm, but they needed to change the dates frequently, I was actually querying off a view, so I could start with a single DB column and create 2 displayed columns. The procedure that did the insert know how to combine them so they were really only 1 field.

... I wonder if you could replicate this in Forms using mirrored items (both Dates), but with different formats...otherwise you will need to resort to post-query/pre-insert/pre-delete/pre-query triggers.

Dan Hekimian-Williams   Received on Tue Aug 03 1999 - 07:07:43 CEST

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