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Date: Mon, 02 Aug 1999 22:09:45 GMT
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In article <>,   Zahid Khan <> wrote:
> Hi. I am relatively new to using WebDb. I am running webdb on Oracle
> on a winNT (sp 4) machine.
> Here's what I want to do. I have 3 tables and I want to build a
> data-entry form so that the end-user can enter all the fields for the
> tables on one form itself and on hitting the submit button, each of
> three tables is populated with data from the form. I don't know how to
> link fields from all of the three tables on one form.

I'm no expert either but I have played with WebDB a little and that sure sounds like something you just can't do at least with the form building wizards. If you can code with PL/SQL, you could probably make it work somehow.

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