Re: Urgent : Function Key question !!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Steve Cosner <>
Date: Mon, 02 Aug 1999 16:28:19 GMT
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In article <7nsloh$i6i$>, S.Gurkan <> wrote:
>I am trying to define a function key ( F2 ) in a forms 4.5 form. This key
>must be available just for one
>specific form in my multi-form application, not for every form in the
>I've defined a KEY-F2 trigger in my form and put some code in it.
>When I try use the F2 key I get the message: FRM-41000 : This function is
>currently not available.
>This message is driving me nuts ???
>Is it true that this must be done with a program called Oracle Terminal ? if
>so, can you tell me how to start this program ?
>If it can be done without Oracle terminal, can anybody tell me what I'am
>doing wrong ???

You MUST modify your oracle forms resource file. On Windows systems in the US it is named fmrusw.resn. It must reside in the directory where your fmx files are found. The only way to modify this file is with the Oracle Terminal program. And each of your users will need a copy of the file once it is created. Also, once you change your resource file, your Key-F2 trigger will work in every form that defines such a trigger. But without the key trigger in the form, nothing will happen when the user presses the key.

Good luck -- Oracle Terminal is not the easiest program to use.

Hope this helps,
Steve Cosner
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