Re: Sending Query SQL Programmatically

From: Neville Sweet <>
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 14:54:13 +1000
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The problem is that you are not in enter-query mode when assigning the item. The statements after Enter_Query won't be executed until enter-query mode is terminated. To terminate enter-query mode, you must issue either Execute_Query or Exit_Form (which is 'cancel query' in this mode).

Instead set the item in a Pre-Query trigger. If there are no other parameters to be entered by the user, issue Do-Key('execute_query') instead of enter-query, ie. - change focus to the block to be queried (Go_Block) - execute_query (Pre-Query then fires and sets a value in the text box)

TDC Group wrote in message <01bed9c4$b01583d0$0601010a_at_06>...
>I'm using Forms 4.5. I'm trying to set the SQL query statement
>programmatically instead of using the Query button and filling in the form.
>I've tried using a command button to:
>- enter the query mode
>- change focus to the block I want queried
>- set a value in the text box
>- execute the query
>I thought this would have been a quick solution to not knowing how to do it
>programmatically. The problem is that after the Do_Key('enter_query') (or
>whatever) is executed, Oracle seems to halt the function and not let the
>value be passed to the text item.
>Can anyone help me out with either of these two ideas?
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