Announcement: Oracle Link 4XL rel 1.1 is delayed for 15 days.

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Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 10:26:23 GMT
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This information might be of interest to those using Oracle Link.

Decision to add a Query-by-Example functionality to Oracle Link for XL has resulted in a delay of 10-15 days from proposed release date of 30- May. This feature will be of great help for experts and novices alike.

Other major features in ver 1.1 include:

  1. Oracle Link programmed as an Add-in to XL. (It is loaded automatically when you open MS Excel and can be used on any worksheet)
  2. Text processing commands (number2text, text2numbers, concatenate columns)
  3. A highly improved and user-friendly lookup wizard for building lookup functions on data fetched from Oracle.
  4. Calling ALL Oracle Link Procedures from your own macros
  5. Improved error handling
  6. A user manual.

And don't forget, it is absolutely free.

M. Armaghan Saqib (

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