Re: WebDB in OAS 4.0.7

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Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 02:44:16 GMT
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[Quoted] According to my limited knowledge of OAS and WebDB, I think it is possible to develop and generate applications on WebDB and then run them through OAS because OAS provides htp and htf packages in PL/SQL cartridge which are used in WEBDB applications.

If this is true, then it can be possible to install OAS and WEBDB on seperate machines, develop applications on WEBDB and run them through OAS. Please let us know your expert opinion about this.

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In article <>,   "John M. Heaton" <> wrote:
> No. Welcome to the club. If this is anything like the OAS and NT
SP4 bug,
> we may be waiting awhile. (SP4 bug was reported Nov 98). If you
> any luck please let this group know. There are several of us looking
> answers.
> John
> Andrea Cannaos wrote:
> > Is there anyone using WebDb with cartridge implementation in OAS
> > on NT ? We're trying to do it but we have some installation
problem ...
> >
> > Thank's for help .

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