Re: Revoke Privileges from a role

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Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 16:02:27 GMT
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Thanks for tip, Simon. It appears that you need to use the FORMS_DDL function. Here's what ended up working...

BEGIN FORMS_DDL('Revoke insert, update, delete ON timecard FROM tc_user'); IF NOT Form_Success THEN
  Message('That revoke failed');
  Message('That revoke succeeded');
END; Dan Webb

In article <7ikdud$osb$>,   "Simon Hedges" <> wrote:
> Dan Webb wanted to:
> >be able to click on a button
> >that would issue the command ...
> >
> >"revoke insert, update, delete ON timecard from tc_user;
> >commit;"
> >
> >In theory, I hope this would allow tc_user to continue to select on
> >table untill the schema owner re assigns the other privileges. I'm
> >trying to avoid having the clerk, who will be acting as the database
> >administrator, go into SQL*Plus and issue the revoke command.
> >
> >Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
> Have you tried doing the above more or less exactly as you describe?
> You need to revoke FROM, rather than ON, and you don't need a commit,
> otherwise it should work if placed in a 'when button pressed'
trigger. If
> that fails, try using the FORMS_DDL built-in procedure.
> I can't think why this should fail, but I may be missing something.
> Simon Hedges
> Gloucester
> UK

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