getting help while inside SQL*PLUS for error messages, etc

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Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 18:52:42 GMT
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[Quoted] I don't have a clue why this wasn't installed automatically, but the only thing I get when I click 'Help' on the menubar is what version of sql+ is running, whoopee.
So, how can I look up oracle error messages in a client/server development environment?
Is there a registry entry (Win95 style) that I should add a path to where .HLP files are stored? If so, what entry, and what .HLP files, and where are they?

Is there another way? I am only a lowly developer, so I do not have Enterprise Manager or any slick DBA interfaces that I can access. ...all so I don't have to flip thru all the manuals, of course.

Does anyone else wonder about these things, too?

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