Re: using globals in calling a report

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Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 17:02:41 GMT
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Since Reports is a separate product, I don't think you can have reports "see" the global created in Forms.

You might be able to create a package either in the library or a stored package in the database, which would declare a variable which would then be "persistent" and would act like a global. The report would have this library attached (if a library was used), and access the pkg.variable.

Another possibility (cludge?) would be to store the global in a text file and access the text file from reports in a pre-report trigger.

Another option might be to have a "global variable" table, in which user id and global name and value would be stored. Insert by Forms, then Select and/or Delete by reports. ..messy.. but if you really don't want to use parameters....

Complications would be if you wanted Reports to set value for return into Forms...then maybe the Package/persistence idea is better...

Good Luck
Robert Proffitt

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