Re: Anyone Actually using Dev/2000 Server / Web Enabled forms ?

From: Tilen Skraba <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 15:16:33 GMT
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[Quoted] Here's my experience....

Don't use Developer 2.0, as it is as slow as Developer 1.4W or 1.5.

The only usable version is 2.1 (i didn't test 6.0).

The speed over 2.1 is good eneugh for modem connections (22.800) It is stable and accessible.

I wouldn't use PL/SQL procedures or WebDB for any complex aplications. [Quoted] We have one PL/SQL application deployed over internet and because of it's complexity we are moving it to Developer server technology. It is easier to maintain...

Currently we are in the middle of development of JDeveloper/JBuilder project. There are some considerations here allso. Time to develop application in JDeveloper is several times longer than in Developer as it is "just" 3GL. You don't get any perfomance increase, it doesn't [Quoted] have "easy to develop" middle tier...


In article <LeW23.3902$>,   "Noel O'Brien" <> wrote:
> Can anyone offer any info on the experiences with
> Developer/2000 Server 2.x ?
> We looked at Forms 4.5 a year ago when you could web
> enable your forms and deploy them on a web server
> using static html pages and the Jinitiator
> But is anyone actually using this technology ?
> Having problems finding people (other than Oracle people)
> who actually use this rather than Jdeveloper or Dynamic html pages.
> We are weighting up the pros cons etc for Developer / Jdeveloper /
> or using Designer to generate Web Applications
> Thanks for any input
> Noel
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