Re: Forms 4.5: Adding new column to a form

From: Tilen Skraba <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 13:48:59 GMT
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Create a new block??
What do you mean?

You just ad an item to an existing block and set the properties for it. The properties you MUST set:

  • The Item must have the same name as the column in a table has
  • Set "Database item" to Yes
  • Set it's type, format, length...
  • Set the canvas it should be displayed on...

and that's it!


> Is there an easy way to add a column to a form without having to
> a new block? I've just added a new column to the table which i need
> be on the form and i remember struggling the last time i tried to do
> this.
> Could any replies be CC'd back to me please
> < >
> thanks in advance,
> Martyn.

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