Re: Problem with data block "where" clause

From: Mark Gumbs <>
Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 09:34:22 +0100
Message-ID: <374bafd1.0_at_145.227.194.253>

Looking at the error message, it may not even be your syntax, it could be a DBA thing.
When running the form, are you logged on as someone else with different privs?

Pressing [Display Error] provides more information, if it is available. You can also try to update or delete this record later. If necessary, contact your DBA.


Dean Peterson wrote in message <>...
>Thanks to Mark and Andy for the reply - but I have tried this and still
>get the same error!!!! I have run the debugger and checked the sql for
>the query and it seems just fine. If I copy the sql into SQL plus, it
>runs the query so I know the syntax is OK.
>Any other ideas?!?
>Rosemary Balden
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