Re: Change extension rules for .sql ext on NT

From: Chris Weiss <>
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 16:57:03 -0400
Message-ID: <7if2r9$6oc$>

You must manually edit the NT registry using a tool such as regedit. Peform a search on sql_auto_file and modify the keys. You might want to add a few keys as well. The file type option will not work after you install Oracle tools.

I experienced the same problem when I tried to switch associations for .sql files to Codewright - my editor of choice.

**(( Back up your registry before you touch it unless you have successfully hacked it in the past, ie. make a new NT recovery disk with your current registry settings. ))**

Christopher Weiss
Professional Services Division
Compuware Corporation

Tim Metzger <> wrote in message
> I am trying to switch the application that is used to open my .sql files
> on an NT machine.
> If I try to add a new type it says the .sql extension is used by
> sql_auto_file, yet there
> is no sql_auto_file listed in the types. How do I modify this so I can
> open my sql files
> with the text application of my choice.
> Thanks,
> Tim.
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