Re: Large Master/Detail/Detail Reports

From: tope <>
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 11:03:19 GMT
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In article <a4223.2187$>,   "Paul Dorsey" <> wrote:
> First, let me state my two axioms for Oracle Reports:
> 1) The product is as deep as anything on the market. If you can
imagine what
> you want it to do, it can do it. Furthermore, it can be done with a
> of time and effort.
> 2) The product is about as user friendly as a Wolverine with a tooth
> Simple reports are easily done with the wizard but reports such as you
> describe in your post require someone with very deep talent with the
> product. Such talent is rare in the industry.
> I do not recommend going to another product. With the kind of report
> are talking about, any product will give you headaches.

So, if the Reports are so good, how can I fix the margins since I lost them when I close the report and start another session? I'm using A4 letter.

Thanks a lot.


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