Re: Problem with data block "where" clause

From: Mark Gumbs <>
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 10:26:10 +0100
Message-ID: <374a6a81.0_at_145.227.194.253>

I can see what you are trying to do, unfortunately forms doesn't support it. The first part of your declaration must be a field name corresponding to a field in your base table and in your block.

You either can use dbms_sql to retrieve your query and populate your block 'manually' or do something a bit flash with the default_where property of the block at runtime.
I never tried it but you may be able to use the name_in command.

e.g in the key_exeqry trigger of the block

v_query := name_in('CTRL_BLOCK.FIELD_NAME ') ||' like '|| :CTRL_BLOCK.FIELD_VALUE
set_block_property('block_name', default_where, v_query); execute_query;

You may have to tidy up the first line to get the quotes in the right places but you have an idea anyway.

HTH Mark

Dean Peterson wrote in message <>...
>I have a form that has two blocks, a control block and a data block. The
>purpose of the control block is to provide the user with two fields, one
>to enter the name of a column in the data block table, and the other to
>enter a column value so a search on the combination can be performed.
>The where clause in the data block reads as follows:
>when I try to execute the query on the data block, I receive the
>following error:
>FRM-40505: Processing error encountered. The table associated with the
>current block of the form might not exist, or your username might not
>have the authority to perform the specified action on the table.
>Neither of these errors are helpful as the table specified certainly
>does exist, and the username has all priviledges for the system.
>Can anyone help!?!
>Rosemary Balden
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