Re: Forms 5.0/6.0--a good way to make text Blinking?

From: butts <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 18:25:02 -0700
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Sean -

with Developer 6.0 you can embed JavaBeans into Forms application that are run in web mode.

You could easily replace the standard Textfield item with a JavaBean that performed this explicit task. The JavaBean would run wholly within the client machine and would alleviate the need to create a timer on the server to send a message to the client textfield to blink.

This would also reduce network traffic for your application.

The Builder contains some online help that describes how to create these 'Pluggable Java Components' and JavaBeans that are capable of being embedded in a forms application.


Sean Zhang <> wrote in message news:X4N13.761$
> Hello, everyone,
> Environment: Oracle Developer 2000 version 2.0 with Forms 5.0
> /Developer 6.0 in Windows 95.
> Question: Does anybody know how to make a field (text item) in
> Forms 5.0 Blinking Without using Timer? Currently
> I use timer/when-timer-expired trigger to make the
> text field blinking, but when I port the form to Forms
> 6.0,
> the Timer interferes with Cursor position( if a user
> a SPACE, in inserting mode or query mode, the cursor
> will automatically shift to the Start(leftmost)
> position ).
> Any suggestions and advises are greatly appreciated.
> Sean Zhang
> <>
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