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Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 18:27:03 GMT
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In article <7hp2u2$e7i$>,   "John M. Heaton" <> wrote:
> I'm trying to get WebDb to run as a cartridge
under OAS. I just
> installed the patch which has changed
the behaviour. Instead
> of getting a service unavailable, I'm getting a
Dr Watson on wrks.exe.
> If anyone has successfully got this thing to
work, let me know. Does it
> matter which listener you use? Should I use OAS
listener, or WebDb
> listener, or both or a completely different one
like IIS? If I let the
> WebDb
> listener run, WebDb works but of course OAS
doesn't. I'm about ready
> to send this stuff back to Oracle. I didn't
think I was getting bleeding
> edge software.
> Configuration
> Oracle 8.0.5
> WebDb 2.0.5
> OAS (patched)
> Windows NT Server 4 with SP3
> Any help would be appreciated,
> John

I have the same problem, with differences in configurations and platforms. I have been unable to get WebDb to work as a cartidge for OAS  4.0.7. I followed the instructions from Oracle: Adding the PL/SQL Cartidge to OAS, with no surprise: it didnīt work...
I am surprised that this kind of functionality is not discussed anywhere, and Oracle does nothing about it.

If anyone knows something, please post here. At least John and I will appreciate it.

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