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From: Thomas Kyte <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 17:43:56 GMT
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>I work in 24 X 7 Enterprise environment. We currently use HP's omniback
>II, on HP w/HP-UX 10.20, for backups. However to complete a cold backup
>it takes 7 1/2 hours for our production instance (126 gig). I was
>wondering if anyone knows of a backup utility that takes snapshots of
>the database while still running. We're running Oracle v7.3.4.

thats called a hot backup and the database supports that. see the admin guide. If you are a production instance you are already running in archive log mode (pre-req for hot backups)...

>Thanks greg.
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See for my column 'Digging-in to Oracle8i'...  

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