Re: Oracle database monitoring tools

From: Andy Cowling <>
Date: 24 May 1999 18:12:42 +0100
Message-ID: <>

>>>>> "Yvette" == Yvette Sullivan <> writes:

    Yvette> Can anyone recommend Oracle database monitoring tools?
    Yvette> I'd like to compare/contrast a few different ones to see
    Yvette> which is the best.

I'm no DBA but I've used the following tools for application tuning under both 7.3.x and 8.x.

  1. Enterprise Manager - Oracle's commerical offering.
  2. OracleTool - free, Web based, read-ony interface (needs Web server, Perl and DBI)
  3. Orac -- an Oracle 7.3 and Oracle 8 DBA GUI tool for Perl/Tk CPAN id: CPAN/authors/id/A/AN/ANDYDUNC -- Andy Cowling Sequent Computer Systems Weybridge, UK
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