Re: Block Duplicates

From: Jerry Alan Braga <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 06:05:59 -0400
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Specify on the block to enforce primary key and specify each block item as primary key yes that applies to it.

This is not the database primary necessarily but forms uses it to verify before commit that these items cannot have duplicate in the data block. Forms will take you to the record at fault.

Brian Neary wrote in message <>...
>How do I check for Duplicates in a Block? The details are:
>1: I've got a tabular form showing 10 rows.
>2: In the block I have a field called type.
>3: In the block I can enter multiple types but for some types I don't want
>to allow duplicates in the block.
>4:The type item is a combo box.
>5: I can't use the database table because the rows have not been posted or
>commited to the table yet.
>6: As soon as the user enters a type or selects one from the combo box I
>want to check to see if that type is already in the block.
>7: This may be the first record in the block.
>8: I can't loop through the block in a restricted trigger such as the
>Any help will be most appreciated.
>Brian Vancouver B.C.
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