Re: Updating Designer tables directly?

From: Paul Dorsey <>
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 21:22:29 GMT
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The API is exactly the way you want to do it. It is documented reasonably well in the help files and we cover it pretty well in our book
"Oracle Designer Handbook" from Oracle press.

The API is not that bad. It is only painful the first time.

We also have a white paper on the dulcian web site that can help  "Top 10 Designer/2000 API Tips" under conference presentations.

DO NOT load directly to the Designer tables without the API, you invalidate your support agreement.

Paul Dorsey
Dulcian, Inc.
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Walter wrote in message <7i26ks$2i6i$>...

>I have a need to do massive updates to my Designer data model. I'm talking
>on the order of 700 - 1000 new attributes to be added.
>I was thinking about storing the attribute names and descriptions in Excel
>and/or Access.
>Is there a means to update the tables directly rather than via the D2k GUI
>which would be too time consuming?
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