Re: Context sensitve help in JDeveloper 2.0

From: Shimon Crown <>
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 16:54:21 +0200
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Hi that works for classes but it seems a little strange. Is there no way to get the context sensitive help to work like that in Microsoft's Visual Studio - it bring you up a list of all the possible contexts the symbol or method name could appear in. This what my understanding of context sensitive help is.


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> On Thu, 20 May 1999 11:02:31 +0200, "Shimon Crown"
> <> wrote:
> >How do you get the context sensitive help to work with JDeveloper 2.0.
> >Pressing F1 on a word in the editor just brings up the help without go to
> >the correct topic.
> >
> >Shimon
> >
> Why not right-click on the item in question, select "browse symbol at
> cursor" and from there you can simply click on the DOC tab to get the
> java doc. You may not even need the doc as the browse will brig up the
> class hierachy in the navigator pane.
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