OMG Info Days in June

From: Christiane Sattler <>
Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 23:46:53 +0100
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FYI-- pls distribute as you see proper.

6 OMG Information Day in Central Europe in June.

6 OMG Information Days on "Corba for the Enterprise" will take place in Central Europe in June 1999:

  • Brussels, June 2 (Keynote: Andrew Watson, VP OMG)
  • Amsterdam, June 3 (Keynote: Andrew Watson, VP OMG)
  • Paris, June 4 (Keynote: Andrew Watson, VP OMG)
  • Zurich, June 8 (Keynote: Dr. Richard Soley, President OMG)
  • Munich, June 9 (Keynote: Dr. Richard Soley, President OMG)
  • Wien, June 10 (Keynote: Dr. Richard Soley, President OMG)

The complete programs are available at

The OMG is the world`s largest non-profit software consortium with over 800 member
companies worldwide.

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Roberto Zicari
LogOn- OMG Representative

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