Upgrading Forms and/or Oracle

From: Christian Cohrs <Christian.Cohrs_at_t-online.de>
Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 22:20:47 +0200
Message-ID: <MPG.11b12fe1641612a0989682_at_news.btx.dtag.de>

Hi !

[Quoted] We intend to upgrade out Oracle products from Forms 4.5 to Forms 6 and from Oracle 7.3.4 to Oracle 8.x

As we do not dare to do both upgrades at the same time, I'd like to know which is the best order for the two upgrades.

I think somebody posted recently that Forms 4.5 does not work with Oracle 8. Can anybody confirm that ?

Will forms compiled against an Oracle 8 database will work when running on Oracle 7.3.4 if you do not use any Oracle 8 specific features ?

Thanks !

        C. Cohrs Received on Sat May 22 1999 - 22:20:47 CEST

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