Re: Problem with NULL in LOV

From: Sudip Roy <>
Date: 22 May 1999 15:13:32 GMT
Message-ID: <01bea464$f3d28ea0$>

I think if you have a When-validate-item trigger for that then even if the user makes the field NULL it will fire.
OR for that field set the LOWEST ALLOWED VALUE property to NULL than it will accept NULL value and also LOV validation.

Hope this info helps you. wrote in article <>...
> Within my form I have a field validated against a LOV. I have a
> POST_UPDATE trigger that I want to fire for this field. However if
> the user makes the field NULL by deleting the text that was there, the
> trigger never fires.
> Does anyone know how I can still use validation against an LOV but
> allow a NULL value to be acceptable also. I'm not sure why setting
> the field to NULL causes the trigger to not fire either.
> Thanks
> Paul Piotrowski
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