Re: Block Duplicates

From: Sudip Roy <>
Date: 22 May 1999 14:49:17 GMT
Message-ID: <01bea461$90424e00$>

Since you cannot loop through the block in post-item trigger, better do your check in on-update /on-insert trigger of the block

Brian Neary <> wrote in article <>...
> How do I check for Duplicates in a Block? The details are:
> 1: I've got a tabular form showing 10 rows.
> 2: In the block I have a field called type.
> 3: In the block I can enter multiple types but for some types I don't
> to allow duplicates in the block.
> 4:The type item is a combo box.
> 5: I can't use the database table because the rows have not been posted
> commited to the table yet.
> 6: As soon as the user enters a type or selects one from the combo box I
> want to check to see if that type is already in the block.
> 7: This may be the first record in the block.
> 8: I can't loop through the block in a restricted trigger such as the
> post-item-trigger.
> Any help will be most appreciated.
> Brian Vancouver B.C.
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