Re: Dos commands in Forms 4.5

From: Sudip Roy <>
Date: 22 May 1999 14:42:15 GMT
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Hello Friend,

   You can run any DOS command by using HOST command in D2K.     But you should know the location of the exe for that coomand and then use it.

   EG.Suppose you want to use XCOPY command then syntax for it is

      HOST('c:\windows\command\xcopy file1 file2')
      For file1,file2 you can specify the full path.

  Hope this piece of info will help you..


Aaron Rivers <> wrote in article <7hd5jc$45r$>...
> We have a form that uses the following command:
> HOST ('copy filea fileb', NO_SCREEN)
> we are trying to copy files at the end of our forms processing. The
> does not work, but it also does not give compile errors. Is there
> way to access DOS commands from Forms 4.5?
> Thanks in advance.
> A R
> P/A II, Policy Management Systems Corp.
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