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From: Kenny Gump <>
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 07:12:32 -0400
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select distinct A, B, C
from test.t

where t.a = 'A'
and t.b = 'B'
and t.c = '1';

This will return only one row.

Kenny Gump
OCP 7.3 DBA Ken Halsted wrote in message <>...
>I am wondering if there is a way to ensure that only 1 row of information
>get's returned in a Query?
>For example if a table (test) exists like:
>A, B, C, D make up the key.
>Select *
>From test t
>where t.a = 'A'
>and t.b = 'B'
>and t.c = '1'
>I only want one row to be returned even if there are more than one type of
>information. I only want to see the unique rows of C for every A and B.
>How can I do this easily?
>Thanks for any help at all.
>Ken Halsted.
>Kenneth W. Halsted
>Mountaire Corporation
>ph: (501) 399-8812
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