Re: Oracle Personal and Sql*Plus (only Scott seems to work)

From: Jerry Gitomer <>
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 15:26:23 -0400
Message-ID: <7i1ngb$dd9$>

Log in on an account with Oracle DBA privileges and try:

    SELECT * FROM scott.emp;


Jerry Gitomer

Pete Heater wrote in message <>...
>I just got the 30 day version of Personal Oracle (rel and I
>installed it. I know about the scott login, but when I use the
>navigator I can see that there are other user names, but when I log in
>using a different name I cannot see the tables (I changed the SYS
>password and I also added a user name (PeteH) with all the Privileges)
>. Only when I log on as scott I can query the tables that are owned
>by scott.
> Shouldn't I be able to query the other user tables if I have
>SYS Privileges? I understand if I log on as scott that I can't query
>demo's tables. What Privileges do I need to be able to query all the
>tables in the database.
> I guess there's a manual on the cd, but I couldn't find what
>I'm looking for.
> Is there a way to see all the tables in sql*plus or am I
>supposed to know what tables exist before I run sql*plus?
>Pete Heater
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