Re: "Operation Would Block" Problem

From: Doug Cowles <>
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 20:34:39 -0400
Message-ID: <>

Is it possible your queries could be causing a locking problem? I.e., one table waiting
on another table that is waiting for the first one? Are these just selects? Are they
updates? Are they deletes? That's the first place I'd look.

Douglas Peel wrote:

> Hey all,
> I'm fairly new to the Oracle game and started having a problem. I set up a
> database using Oracle 8 on NT4.0. Everything worked fine until the database
> reached its current size (it will not get any bigger, throwing out old data,
> bringing in new), now when I run queries that will return fairly large
> recordsets, I get the error ORA-3123 "Operation Would Block". I say that
> its bases on recordset size because I run a query based on dates and If I
> select a days worth of data, it works, but, if I select a months worth of
> data, it fails every time.
> Oracle documenation suggests "trying again later".
> Well, I can try again tomorrow or the day after or anytime and I still get
> the same response.
> What are the main tuning parameters within Oracle that I should look for?
> Am I also having hardware issues (Have IBM PC Server 330 w/256MB RAM)?
> I highly doubt that I'm pushing Oracle past its limits.
> Hopefully I have given enough information.
> Any and all help is appreciated.
> Douglas Peel
> dpeel_at_'nojunkemail'
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