Re: Converting SQL Server Stored Procedures to Oracle using Migration Workbench

From: Stephen Hirsch <>
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 11:15:54 -0400
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If performance is an issue, I wouldn't use Java stored procedures. I've heard (from reliable sources) that they are much slower than PL/SQL stored procs.

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Steve wrote in message <7hpvah$t6$>...
>My company has created a client-server application which makes
>extensive use of Transact-SQL stored procedures in Microsoft SQL Server
>7.0. We are looking to port the server application to Oracle using the
>Oracle Migration Workbench. This would be implemented through Java
>stored procedures.
>Does anyone have experience in migrating from SQL Server to Oracle with
>this tool, especially in regards to stored procedures? What
>difficulties have you experienced? Are there any types of client-side
>code that had to be modified to accomodate these changes? How about
>performance issues on Oracle versus SQL Server on the same NT box?
>Thanks in advance for your answers,
>David Lawrence
>Database Architect
>Incentive Systems, Inc.
>Burlington, MA
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