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From: Bob Hirons <>
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 09:23:53 +0100
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I am posting a copy of a response from Oracle which I think answers our questions.
I have not yet tried writing an example yet. I appear to have mistakenly assumed that a form that allowed both query, insert, update etc., could be generated as a single 'module' with similiar functionality to the default 'Browse Database' options. I think it would be useful if the automatically generated 'Browse database' forms could be saved as a starting point for writing a form. Does anybody know a way of doing this?

Copy of communication with Oracle:-

I have inserted records and checked they exists using a SQL*Plus session. 'Update' and 'Delete' buttons still do not appear. Also if I create a QBE form, I am presented with a 'Results' list of the records, but no buttons (i.e. 'Query', 'Save', 'Batch', 'Reset', or 'Insert') or any other links available except for the help question mark in the top right corner.

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Hi Robert

To clarify;

If you run SCOTT's EXAMPLE_FORM you'll see its an Entry form - you're not passing any parameters/records to the form, so all you can do is Insert a new record or Reset the entries you've made on the screen. Since you've not selected a record you can't Delete anything, so the Delete button is not an option.

Now run SCOTT's EXAMPLE_WIZ_RPT. You'll see a report come back, but in this report there is a link (shared_component_library) to EXAMPLE_FORM via the Name
column. The difference here is that the link populates the EXAMPLE_FORM with the rowid we selected. So when you click on a Name you're taken to EXAMPLE_FORM and you can see the record you selected. Now since we've populated the form with a record you now have the option to delete that record, hence the delete button is now visible.

The thing to note is that the buttons are visible only when valid circumstances arise.

Per-Arne Hoel wrote:

> Bob Hirons wrote:
> > Per-Arne:- I have managed to 'Insert' some records OK.
> But how?
> I want to generate a report on employees in a dep. with a link on the EMP_ID
> column that points to a table that shows information on the user, so that the
> user can UPDATE / DELETE the user by following the link.
> Per-Arne
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