Re: Checking for duplicate items, Forms4.5

From: Andy Hardy <>
Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 09:57:39 +0100
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In article <7ha3t7$j8c$>, Steve Cosner <> writes
>You don't lose the individual record. The cursor ends up on the correct
>record if you do a Raise Form_Trigger_Failure in the on-error process.

Right, I see what you mean!

>Also, the ORA-00001 message includes the name of the constraint that
>caused the record to be rejected, so from that your form can determine
>which field or combination of fields are in error. I use that
>information to navigate to the field in error.

Yes, it looks like my forms will have to be aware of all the constraint names out there.

>> Bother... perhaps I'm trying to be too clever and should just try and
>> track the errors produced by Oracle during it's normal processing!
>> But I would like to get away from item level validation...
>I don't understand what is so bad about item-level validation. It gives
>you the most precise control, so your cursor is in the right field, and
>the error message fits the current problem. The only things I check at
>the record-level (and sometimes only after key-commit has been pressed),
>are required field edits. Forms doesn't do this well, so I do it
>'manually' at the later time.

Both the customer and myself are used to an environment where you enter a page of details and then get back a message indicating all the incorrect values - throwback to the mainframe, I guess!

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