Re: Need fileserver specs - any clues?

From: Vic <>
Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 11:08:40 -0700
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Check out this link. They have some hardware specs and settings but they also put NT up against Linux. It's a web benchmark but you get the idea.

Teus van Lingen wrote in message
>I am asked to come up with some specs for a company file-server (as
>opposed to database server). The server is to hold user files, program
>files and Oracle Developer runtime files. The OS is probably NT,
>although we're making a point for Linux. About 250 users are going to
>use the new box.
>I have searched whatever sites I could think of for hardware specs, but
>it doesn'y seem to be a big concern to Software and hardware vendors
>Does anyone have a clue, a checklist, a ready-to-go specs sheet or a
>useful link where I could find the info?
>Teus van Lingen.
>Oracle DBA
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