Urgent!!! Oracle and DB2 Connectivity

From: dloader4 <arul_at_>
Date: 11 May 1999 11:53:32 GMT
Message-ID: <01be9ba4$af661fc0$926210ac_at_sna4fh.fh.us.bosch.com>

[Quoted] [Quoted] I have Oracle 8.04 running on HP-UX. I need to access certain tables on the [Quoted] [Quoted] DB2 running on S/390 from Oracle. A user running reports needs to get [Quoted] information from both Oracle and DB2 tables. Once again Oracle need to read [Quoted] certain tables from DB2.

Has some one worked on similar issues? How can this be achieved? Can a link [Quoted] be created? and if so how ? What is the best way to have this transparent to the user ?

[Quoted] Any help would be most welcome. Received on Tue May 11 1999 - 13:53:32 CEST

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