Where do I start? Multiuser Web accessed multisecure ORACLE db?

From: guinness drinker <guinness.drinker_at_lineone.net>
Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 12:55:16 +0100
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I don't quite know where to begin on this one.

I have created a large RDBMS model for engineering & project management information. I have a number of users (22000!) who will each require differing levels of access to the DB. I want them to be using our Intranet (using either IE 4 or NS4) as the ONLY front end (admittedly the DBAs I won't be using just that, but what?)

The number of users that have anything more than just a very limited view of the DB is prob. around 100 for which I will set up separate accounts. the other 22000 may (or may not - we may just publish this info elswhere) have a generic account setup for access to the site/system/db.

Are there any tools out there that are:-

  1. quick
  2. standard
  3. easily developed
  4. future proof

that will help me in my quest?

Can anyone supply me with any help whatsoever?

Please reply via email to either:-

guinness.drinker_at_lineone.net or to Angus.Paxton_at_bgtransco.co.uk

kindest regards,

Angus Paxton.
Network Planning Analyst, Transco (a part of BG plc).

PS I need to be rolling out before August.....!...!...!.!...!!! Received on Tue May 11 1999 - 13:55:16 CEST

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