Re: ORA-24365 error in character conversion

From: Arjan van Bentem <>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 18:58:58 +0200
Message-ID: <7h737s$nls$>

Arjan van Bentem wrote
> r25runm my_report.rdf batch=yes ...

Meanwhile we found that (during login) we get

    ORA-24365 error in character conversion

The databases that show no errors use US7ASCII while the troublesome database has been installed using WE8ISO8859P1. Our DBAs claim that they are not prompted for this during setup, so maybe it still can be solved without a re-creation of the database. However, given other postings in MetaLink, it is more likely that our database is too new for Reports to connect to, and using USASCII7 might be a workaround, but not the solution.

We tried setting NLS_LANG to no avail so far, but we need to investigate more. It may take a while before we get back to it though, but I'll post more details when (and if) we solved the issue.


ORA-24365 error in character conversion

Cause: This usually occurs during conversion of a multibyte character data when the source data is abnormally terminated in the middle of a multibyte character.

Action: Make sure that all multibyte character data is properly terminated. Received on Mon May 10 1999 - 18:58:58 CEST

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