Re: Does Reports 6 Eliminates the Need of Recompilation On the Client Side?

From: Paul Dorsey <>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 01:42:26 GMT
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The recompilation is only necessary if you have differing operating systems. If you develop on EXACTLY the same operating system as your deployment then the recompile would not be necessary.
My experience is that recompilation is the safe way to go.

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Finn Ellebaek Nielsen wrote in message <7h199t$3r2$>...

>Adam Tadjkarimi <> wrote in message
>> This is in line of question I posted earlier on
>> the recompilation of *.RDF files at the client
>> site, a copy is attached.
>> I would like to know if this issue is addressed in the new
>> Release of Reports 6. The reason I am asking is our
>> clients are not happy with the recompilation and
>> if this is corrected we'll encourage them to
>> upgrade. So, we will be able to give them the
>> *.REP files.
>> :I was wondering why do we have to compile the
>> :reports containing PL/Sql (functions, procedures)
>> :code. We develop SW and provide it to our
>> :clients, there they have to compile against their
>> :own Oracle Instances. This is inconvenient in two
>> :aspects, first we have to give away our developed
>> :code (the *.RDFs) , second they have to do it
>> :there which involves manual interference and its
>> :headaches every time an update or new report is
>> :released.
>> :Are you aware of any remedy for this scenario so
>> :we could only give the *.REPs?
>> Thanks,
>> Adam Tadj
>> Opinions expressed or questions asked are mine not of my employer.
>With Developer/2000 (back to at least release 1.2) I can only see that a
>recompilation is needed if attached PL/SQL libraries (*.pll or *.plx) or
>database objects have changed since the report was last compiled? Or do you
>have different client platforms to take care of?
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