Re: Forms 4.5 disabled fields

From: Steve Cosner <>
Date: 6 May 1999 16:37:42 GMT
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In article <7god30$29g6$>, sam cappello <> wrote:
> Is it possible to have disabled fields in forms 4.5 not display so dim?


>i know this is a strange thing to want to do, and naturally the screens look
>fine on my PC, but when our software is being demo'd under less than optimal
>viewing conditions the main complaint is that they can't see the data on our
>inquiry (query only) screens.

Using the Disabled attribute in Forms is pretty much not used. I think it was designed to show fields as in a menu that remind you that the option is there, but you can't use it. It is not realistic to display data using that mode.

>The best answer i can come up with is to enable the field but make it not
>navigable, insertable, updateable, etc. my latest idea is to do this in the
>referenced when-new-form-instance code in a library so we don't have to
>change all the forms, but i haven't run this idea by the programmers yet

We do just that: in a PLL library routine called by the form's when-new-form-instance trigger, determine whether the user has update or display-only access. If it is display-only, then skip the first block (it is a control block), and for all subsequent blocks, set their Input, Update and Delete allowed properties to PROPERTY_FALSE.

We still allow display-only users to navigate all over the form -- but why shouldn't they? It does not cause any problems. If they try to enter something, the form immediately tells them they are not allowed. And just as a safety precaution, we also have some code in the key-commit process if they try to commit, it tells them they are not allowed to do that.

>(yes, i'm a DBA, and not quite sure why got i involved in this yet :) this
>looks OK until the user navigates over with the mouse. A programmer wants
>to disable mouse navigation to solve this problem, but now we are starting
>to talk about 20 or so screens full of display only fields that now need
>hint text and a number of other property changes.
>i've tried changing the windows colors, custom visual attributes of the
>field, font width and weight, foreground and background color, and even
>looked into Oracle Terminal - but couldn't find the gui attribute for dimmed
>(disabled) fields there. the ultimate would be a way to do this without
>major changes in all the forms, but i'm open to all suggestions!

Don't mess around too much with display-only mode. I don't think you would gain much in doing that.

Steve Cosner
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