Re: Serious problems with IIS,ADO and Oracle....

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Date: Wed, 05 May 1999 18:42:20 GMT
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I don't know if your doing this or not but when you create your table are you granting permisson on it for the person to do select?

In article <>,   stefan auer <> wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm getting more and more desperate. We're trying to use Oracle
> as a DB from an Internet application where during a certain
> event a temporary table gets created and filled with data.
> The BIG problem is that we can create, insert and drop the table
> but we can't use SELECT!
> We are using the IIS 4.0 as a webserver. In a certain ASP script
> (javascript or vbscript doesn't matter) we create a ADO object
> and connect to the Oracle 8.0.5 database. There we create the table
> and inserts the data. Everything is fine. We can, using SQL*Plus,
> see the table in the database.
> In another ASP script we creates a ADO connection and tries to
> use SELECT on the table. This always returns EOF that is no records
> found. This only happens when we tries to select from a table that
> contains a column type other then VARCHAR2. In any other case it works.
> So you say:"JUST USE VARCHAR2!!!" but that is not sufficient.
> If anyone got any hint, idea, code or link PLEASE SEND IT TO US!!!
> Thanks in advance...
> /Micke(through Stefan!)

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