Re: Do I need the Oracle Developer Licence?

From: Valeri Sorokine <>
Date: Wed, 05 May 1999 14:14:20 +0400
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As far as I know you have to licensing your Oracle server. Some of DBA tools are included into server licence. Some of them have separate licences.

Forms runtime and Reports runtime are free of charge. You have to get the developer licence (for Dev2k) if you are planning to sell your Dev2k application. I don't know exactly, but probably SQL*Plus has a separate licence for development purpose. Ask Oracle's representatives.

Hope this helps.

Stephen Thomas wrote:
> Hi,
> I am doing a Siebel implementation using Oracle 7 as the back end database.
> I am unsure whether I need to get a developer or a user licence for Oracle.
> Most of the 'development' or customisation will take place in Siebel, though
> we might have to talk to Oracle direct using SQL& PL/SQL or create stored
> procedures.
> Also we will need access to DBA tools to administer the database.
> Question: do I need the developer licence for that? I do *not* plan to use
> Forms
> or Reports in this implementation.
> Thanks,
> Stephen Thomas.

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