Re: 16bit SQL*Plus and Windows 98

From: Bernard Schletz <bernard.schletz_at_sap-ag.de_spam>
Date: Wed, 5 May 1999 10:56:02 +0200
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i heard from many users that they also failed to install the 16-bit-Client under Windows 98. You are the first lucky one who succeeded. Gratulations!

May i ask your Oracle- and SQL*Net-Versions? What kind of network do you use?

Bernard Schletz

TurkBear wrote in message <>...
>We have several 95,98 and NT clients
>that need both 32 and 16 bit drivers....
>If your path contains both the path to the 16 and to the 32 bit DLLs it
>work fine,,,,( they should be in separate directories ( orawin - 16bit,
>orawin98,orant,orawin95 - 32bit, depending on client) )
>Try switching the position in your path to have the 16bit DLLs come before
>32bit ones, or vice versa...
>"Bernard Schletz" <bernard.schletz_at_sap-ag.de_spam> wrote:
>>it is possible to run an Application with requires 16it
>>Oracle-Client-Software (for example 16bit SQL*Plus)
>>under Windows 98? Is there any chance?
>>Thanks in advance.
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